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sunlight, while maintaining

Berbagi info dan berdiskusi tentang perkembangan politik di Indonesia. Berikan masukan atau kritikan untuk wakil rakyat, pemimpin daerah dan tokok-tokoh politik.
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sunlight, while maintaining

Post by quangongzi » Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:59 pm

<p>lowest mean temperature of 12.6 degrees, extreme low temperature above 1 degrees, more than the active accumulated temperature more than 10 DEG C for 7400 degrees, annual rainfall is more than 1200mm, the annual average relative humidity above 80%. Chinese natural concentrated patches of pure forest mesuaferrea only distributed in Mengding town of Gengma County, the diameter of more than </p>
<p>8cm a total of 310 strains, including 66 strains of diameter 8 ~ 19.9cm, 20 ~ 49.9cm 50 ~ 79.9cm 121 strains, 118 strains, 5 strains of more than 80cm. Since 1989, Gengma County Forestry Bureau set up resource protection in four wells mesuaferrea mesuaferrea centralized distribution, and hired a full-time ranger. To effectively protect the mesuaferrea resources. In 1999, forest classification division work, </p>
<p>and four wells designated as special purpose forest forest mesuaferrea protection, more strict management. The structure characteristics of timber, loose mesuaferrea for cheap and mesuaferrea, large tree, so at a certain ferreous Mesua furniture materials, only in case of common, the Imperial Palace is the representative of major reservoir Alice head. General hardwood furniture, we must calculate the material </p>
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